Smart Birth Certificates Ensure Better Social Protection

Smart certificates come with RFID based chip that can store all the certificate data and more for the purpose of complete verification. The solution can also be extended for the Election Commission so that they can know ahead of time about the number of citizens that are going to be eligible for using their voting rights.

ISTL often crafts new project ideas and present them to the relevant ministries so that the authority can at least consider the fact that such an improvement is possible. Smart Birth Certificate project is such an idea that is devised to enable the government bodies keep track of all the children born in Bangladesh digitally and seamlessly and at the same time, issue smart RFID chip based birth registration certificates to each of the newborns. This will not only ensure a better social protection for all the newborns, but will help the Election Commission streamline their process of issuing NID cards for the turned-into-18 citizens of Bangladesh.

The video details the idea, business process workflow, solution overview etc. along with the background of the project.

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