for Ministry of Finance, Govt. of Bangladesh

Client Needs

Design and development of two Management Information System facilitating the beneficiary management for the Line Ministries of the Finance Division of Bangladesh Government. The central MIS system SPBMU MIS and two Line Ministry MIS called MOSW (Ministry of Social Welfare) MIS and MOWCA (Ministry of Women and Children Affairs) MIS are under the scope of work for this project. Primarily the system will need to handle approx. 50 million beneficiaries, their allowance transactions, payroll generations, NID verification, approval etc.


Hurdles Overcame

Since the existing process of operating for MOWCA has been completely manual, the process had to be mapped to the automation system as well as the system had to be kept dynamic so that it can accommodate all future allowance schemes and line ministries that are to be added under this project. On the other hand, the central management SPBMU was newly introduced at Ministry of Finance and therefore, did not have any existing process at all.


End Results

The completely web based and device-responsive secure MIS solution included beneficiary enrollment, verification, integration with BEC and iBAS, payroll management, SMS notification to system users and beneficiaries, push-pull SMS service for application status tracking, payment disbursement, beneficiary card personalization and lifecycle management, system settings modules, beneficiary application form generator tool for different schemes and many more related features.