Robi Music Streaming

for Robi Axiata

Client Needs

Development and Google Play store setup of Robi Tunes music app that features millions of music from the local and international artists for Robi’s paid internet subscribers to download and listen. The required features included high definition song streaming, in-app purchases, push updates, audio player, playlists, admin-side library management, UI theme changing etc.


Hurdles Overcame

Robi’s country-wide network with the second largest user base among all available mobile operators in Bangladesh makes it crucial for the app server to be highly responsive and performance driven with its almost 100% uptime guaranteed. Database space optimization was another major challenge because of the size of the music audio files.


End Results

Offered solution included a complete & fine-tuned native Android application deployed at Google Play app store that can only be used through paid internet subscription of Robi. The users can download songs from the massive library of music on a pay-per-download basis. The streaming server is highly optimized to provide the best service to subscribers and also a in-depth technical training as well as user guides were provided to the Robi tech team so that they can maintain the system on their own.