PBI Suspect Identification & Verification

for Police Bureau of Investigation, Bangladesh Police

Client Needs

The project requirements included supply and commissioning of 4 major items namely, ten-print Livescan scanner, single-digit optical scanner, mobile wireless fingerprint scanner, and mobile biometric solution. Scope also included the installation and configuration of the components supplied so that PBI officials can seamlessly use them both at crime scene and in office, as well as matching the captured data against the NID database to verify the identity.


Hurdles Overcame

The end-users of the solution are all official investigators from PBI headquarters. They need to have the solution solve their instant verification and identification need on the go, therefore, there is a need for ensuring seamless internet connectivity even in remote places. Items have to comply with FBI certified processing, produce 500 dpi resolution and forensic quality flat fingerprints.


End Results

Offered solutions enable PBI team use these handheld devices on the crime scene and get fingerprint and other demographic data identification results instantly from the NID database. While the ten-print and single-print scanners work by staying connected to a computer which is connected to internet, the state-of-the-art mobile wireless fingerprint scanner and the mobile biometric solution totally works standalone and stay connected to internet wirelessly on the go allowing the PBI team do their job even in the most remote crime scenes.