Mobile NID Fees Payment System

for Dutch-Bangla Bank (DBBL)

Client Needs

Supply and commissioning of a payment gateway connected to DBBL mobile banking application, that is going to be used for receiving government fees from individual Bangladeshi citizens, when and if they would like to submit a correction request or report card-lost or stolen incidents etc. for their NID. Application should also work with all the mobile operators of Bangladesh.


Hurdles Overcame

Since the potential end users of this solution is every Bangladeshi citizen who has been issued an NID, the number of users is quite large and the application security had to be top-notch to make sure that the financial micro transactions are secured and seamlessly integrating with the mobile payment gateway of DBBL. Integrating with an existing and live mobile payment system has also been a major challenge for this project.


End Results

Offered customized & secured payment gateway solution enabled the end users make payments easily from directly their mobile phone using any mobile operators in Bangladesh. The solution was highly optimized and performance was ensured so that the number of concurrent users cannot be a problem for system’s performance and uptime/availability of the service.