Gonoforum Political Profile Website

for Bangladesh Gonoforum

Client Needs

Design and development of a website which will consist the political profile of Bangladesh Gonoforum (a reputed political party of Bangladesh). The website have to portray all activities, news, press releases of the political party and also the website needed a gallery where all the previous activities, achievements will be highlighted.


Hurdles Overcame

Since this is a website for a political party it had to stand out from the layout of corporate website trend. It should have a unique look and feel which will go with the Brand value of the political party. Another challenging part was the content segmentation and how we need to portray in the website.


End Results

We provided a fully responsive website which portrays the values and achievements of the political party. It was tested on all sorts of modern devices to make sure a uniform performance and layout across platforms. We provided the content segmentation of media and political activity according to client requirement. The website also have additional Bengali version. In additional we provided search engine optimization (SEO) service along with website security, content integrity via usage of cutting edge technology.