FSCD Human Resource Management

for Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense

Client Needs

Development, supply and commissioning of a fully featured online Human Resource Management (HRM) system that should include record keeping and management of employees, attendance, time, leaves, office locations, travel, payroll, online recruitments, awards, training, role based access control, inventories, audit trails and reports etc.


Hurdles Overcame

One of the major challenges of the HRM solution implementation was to ensure its performance and uptime because the solution is at the same time deployed at the HQ in Dhaka and other major districts as well. There are a large number (1000 approx.) of power users who would be able to use all the administrative features of the system. The whole complex system also need to be bi-lingual i.e. both Bangla and English while complying with the standards of the government.


End Results

Offered solution includes a centrally managed HRM system including all the modules and features mentioned in the requirements, a datacenter at the HQ which is in-sync with the DR with a one-to-one DB replication. The central application servers are connected through secure internet to the district-level machines. The system also keeps a trail of all activities within the system so that everyone is bound to take responsibilities for making any changes to the system. The solution is highly scalable through its fluid architecture.