Bangladesh RCMS

for International Organization for Migration

Client Needs

Development, deployment and commissioning of Custom built software modules and components of Returnee Case Management System (RCMS). The requirements included designing and implementation of a secured login Requirements also included designing and preparation of the API design and Database schema according to the system and database requirement analysis


Hurdles Overcame

Since the requirement is vast, in terms of number of module the project is big, therefore the requirement had to be collected by analyzing previous RCMS solutions that are already in operation. Our team had to fly to Sri Lanka to collect requirements from Sri Lanka RCMS. The collected information was mapped against the requirement that were specified for Bangladesh RCMS so that ISTL can come up with solid System Design Document. It is always a challenge to meet all the milestones and maintain the quality of the output when the requirement of the project is vast.


End Results

RCMS features users to enroll cases and corresponding application submission. It also modulates the status of a case through the entire life-cycle processing through the extranet and intranet subsystems. There is a dashboard which previews various statistical data on the dashboard, case status, recent cases and a customable interface for the user. It also facilitates and modulates all interview arrangements, schedule and venue, notification, e-mail and interview platforms. The system also facilitates searching to all levels of users featuring pre-emptive search filtering, searching on multiple key words, customizable filtering range and role-wise search results.