Bangladesh Prisoner Database Management System

for United Nations Offices on Drugs and Crime

Client Needs

Development, implementation and management of a prison database management system for Bangladesh Prison Directorate to automate the prison operations and to create a digital information repository.


Hurdles Overcame

The main challenge of this project was to collect, store, maintain and access all the manually information on individual prisoners and input into the new Database Management System. The analysis and gathering requirement was also a major challenge as it was a new system with lots of new features and modules along with many end users.


End Results

Offered solution included an effective management of any prison system is dependent on the ability to collect, store, maintain and access information on individual prisoners. The number of persons held in custody, their classification, along with their health and rehabilitative needs provide important information for prison managers to identify resources requirements, set budgets, manage health and safety, and develop appropriate rehabilitative and treatment programs.