Crime Reduction via Digital Monitoring of Residential Accommodations

ISTL often crafts new project ideas and present them to the relevant ministries so that the authority can at least consider the fact that such an improvement is possible. Identification and Verification at Residential Accommodations is such an idea that is devised to digitally empower the Ministry of Home Ministry to reduce the number of crimes that involve the use of temporary residential accommodations such as hotels, dorms, hostels etc.

Crime and other offenses are increasing everyday and the criminals often use the anonymity they can afford at different residential accommodations such as hotels, resorts etc. This system targets to keep track of all accommodation users by verifying their NID or passport and entering their basic profile into the system so that it can be used later by law enforcement divisions if needed.

The video details the idea, business process workflow, solution overview etc. along with the background of the project.

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